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Obesity, Carbs, Liver, Diabetes & Alzheimer’s – Sugar should be regulated

So this makes me think about the whole thing with refined sugar not being regulated as a drug and instead made a food additive. And acting in the brain like cocaine, no wonder the obesity and diabetes epidemic.

It also makes sense that the keto diet is working so well for folks I know.

I can’t recall where at the moment, but I remember reading something that hypothesized that Alzheimer’s might be another stage of diabetes. Though this following study linking the liver and Alzheimer’s makes me think maybe it’s more of a comorbidity, maybe with something like NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

According to the Mayo clinic, diabetes raises your risk of NAFLD.

UCSF says the liver stores and produces (from the stores) sugar in response to insulin and glucagon signals. So it’s a chicken and egg thing, which came first? Pancreas problems or liver problems? Or can it go either direction or both at the same time? And does it matter? Is the treatment different depending on those answers?

Just putting this out there in case someone either knows the answers or is able to try to find them. I just like to ponder and connect.

So it makes sense to me that the liver would be highly involved with both diabetes and Alzheimer’s.