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I’ll update this more as I have time.

I found out in January 2021 that I had a posterior tongue tie:

I had it revised April 2021. It was life transforming.

Quick metrics:

  • Before – 15 minutes of household tasks meant stabbing back pain forced me to stop (some level of pain was there from the start)
  • After – 4 hours before the pain started
  • Before – required chiropractor every 2 weeks minimum for maintenance (Ehlers-Danlos)
  • After – 4 to 6 weeks between chiropractic adjustments
  • Before – wore multiple braces daily, all day
  • After – wear braces occasionally as needed for recovery or for prevention for specific tasks
  • Before – my zero on the pain scale was probably actually at 1 or 2, and usually I had hot spots that were 3 to 8