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Unlucky 8s eights

Uses standard 52 + 2 jokers deck.

Shuffle and deal 5 cards each, keep them hidden from other players, you must look at yours to check for 8s.

If you have an 8, play it immediately and draw a replacement. 8s are worth -1

Play a round by taking turns playing one card at a time. After play, draw back up to 5.

Number cards – face value except 8 (-1)

Jokers are wild (can be any you want, optional hard mode they can’t be a 10)

Face cards – if you play one, draw a card from another players hand, set that card aside and allow them to draw one of yours, then you draw back up to five and your turn is over.

First one to a total of 10 or more wins the round – keep the highest value card to represent the win. The round ends immediately. Decide how to track who went first, it should rotate each round. If the winner draws an 8 as a replacement card, they keep it for the next round in hard mode.

In normal mode at the end of the round you discard all cards and draw back up. In hard mode you keep your hands between rounds.

8 rounds total in normal, hard mode goes to 10 rounds

If there’s a tie, compare hand values for your breaker. If tied again, compare highest card in hand. If that also ties, it’s a true tie, both win!

Triple mayhem

Use 3 standard decks without jokers

Deal 3 cards from each deck to each player

Place cards face up in front of you (9 total)

Flip top card from each stack to start a build pile (3 total)

Play either matching number or suit

If you play an ace you may play up to 2 more cards (1 on each of the other piles, following standard placement rules)

If you play a 3, flip the top card of all 3 draw decks.

If you can’t play, choose one deck and flip the top one onto the build pile in front of it, your turn is now over.

First one out of cards wins

Seven ate nine

Played with only 5, 6, 7, 9

When playing 7, also remove 9 (eaten) and move a 6 to another player of your choice

Win by getting rid of all your cards